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The Ray Charles

Tied by Bill Becher

This pattern imitates freshwater scud and sow bugs, often found in Western tail-water fisheries and spring creeks. Tied by Montana guide Bob Krumm, the name according to Bob, comes from the fact that even a blind person can catch a fish with this pattern (but can he sing and play piano?). This pattern should be a winner on Hot Creek.

Hook: Tiemco 2457 scud size 14-18

Thread: Red 8/0

Tail: None.

Abdomen: Gray, olive, tan, or orange ostrich herl.

Back: Medium Pearl mylar tinsel

  1. Wrap shank with thread.
  2. Tie in mylar tinsel below the bend.
  3. Tie in 2 ostrich herls slightly ahead of tinsel and wrap forward, tie off at head and cut.
  4. Pull mylar over back and secure at head.
  5. Whip finish.

This is a classic "guide fly" - easy to tie and it catches lots of fish. Bob suggest using 2457 scud hooks rather than the thinner wire 2487 if you want to catch big fish.